SM-2023 November Crisis Management Seminar (Tampa)

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Thursday, November 16, 2023 - Friday, November 17, 2023   iCalendar Eastern Standard Time

Across the world, business schools are becoming more susceptible to disasters. Business schools must become resilient and develop specific arrangements for handling the impacts of crises and disasters. This includes more effective understanding and management of hazards, the development of plans, systems, processes and procedures to manage, prepare for, and respond to incidents. Embodied in the AACSB’s standards relating to societal impact, business schools also play a pivotal role in supporting their local, national and international constituencies and communities when crises and disasters occur. But how can you effectively plan, implement, and communicate your activities to ensure better crisis management that may save lives, reduce casualties and lessen the economic and physical impact on your business school? Participate in this highly interactive seminar to explore how your school can implement effective crisis management to alleviate the impact of these occurrences while meeting the requirements of AACSB’s 2020 business accreditation standards. 

The first day of the crisis seminar will enable delegates to be involved in interactive sessions that provide insight into the relationship of crisis management to the respective 2020 AACSB standards, and instill an understanding of effective risk management plans, processes, and procedures. The second half-day of the crisis management seminar will enable delegates to undertake a crisis management exercise that will simulate challenges business school leaders face while managing crises at business schools. This will take the form of responding to the impact of a natural disaster and/or a human-oriented incident, like a campus fire. The intention is to enable delegates to gain real-life insight into the practical realities of responding to an emergency that may have important implications for staff, students, and stakeholders and the reputation of business schools worldwide.

AACSB Suite 100 - Lobby Level   Visit Website

AACSB Suite 100 - Lobby Level
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