VS-2021 March Business Accreditation Seminar (Asia Pacific & EMEA)

Monday, March 01, 2021 - Thursday, March 04, 2021   iCalendar

Join a cohort of your peers in four live lessons facilitated by globally recognized AACSB Accreditation experts. Build skills and network in interactive, workshop-style lessons focused on each accreditation standard and creating an effective plan of action for your school. Learn what is important and expected at each stage of the accreditation process through group interactions, breakout sessions, and spaced learning in a virtual environment. Focusing on the 2020 AACSB Accreditation Standards, the seminar will provide you with the knowledge and resources to avoid common challenges in the accreditation process. Learn through peer interactions and conversations with expert facilitators as you discover how your school can use the accreditation process to embody continuous improvement through engagement, innovation, and impact.


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SessionStart DateEnd Date
BAS Lesson 103/01/2021 4:00 AM03/01/2021 7:30 AM
BAS Lesson 203/02/2021 4:00 AM03/02/2021 7:30 AM
BAS Lesson 303/03/2021 4:00 AM03/03/2021 7:30 AM
BAS Lesson 403/04/2021 4:00 AM03/04/2021 7:30 AM