LM-2022 June Finance and Accounting for Higher Education Administrators

Monday, June 27, 2022 - Friday, June 30, 2023   iCalendar Eastern Standard Time

Financial acumen is a competency that, when embraced by university faculty and staff, can create big impact. Expand your knowledge of how public and private colleges and universities are funded, how they budget, and how they report to stakeholders in this engaging new course. In asynchronous learning and exercises, you will learn the key components of accounting and finance that will help you make impactful decisions about creating or sunsetting programs, calculating the effectiveness of your fundraising or development efforts, estimated payoffs of new initiatives, and more. This course will give you the tools to speak the language of business to advocate for your projects and aid in your strategic planning. Included in your registration is a set of exercises which will help you apply your new knowledge in the public or private college or university setting. Don’t miss this professional development opportunity which will reframe your thinking about business school operations, and help you plan for the financial future of your program, department, or school.


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